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Creative content translation. Game localization.


A localization studio for those who think outside the box.

The console is a box too. Leave no one out.


Begin Imagining

You have something great to offer to the Turkish audience.

You believe in your product, your service, and your ideas.


You need to be heard, you want to be known, and you want to be understood.

You want more and you are bold enough to invest in translation.

And you are looking for a reliable and talented translation service provider.

But there are a sickening amount of translation agencies, countless names, hundreds of options.


You are confused, you don’t know which offer to believe, what to choose, whom to trust.


Maybe you are tired of reading corporate statements like ‘our 100 % human translators will provide you with the best quality’.

"100 % Human translators?"


Best quality?


How can you know if it is the best quality or not, when you don’t even know the language?

I know how frustrating it gets, how confusing, doubtful...

This is an industry driven so off track to an extent that it tries so hard to make you believe that their translators are not machines but real humans.

That is why I am here. Uygar Kibar, a Turkish translator. To make things right. To challenge the status quo. To help you to achieve your aims, empower your brand, and to fulfill your dreams.

I believe you completely deserve to get the results you expect and return of investment you hope to achieve.


With my expertise and experience, I take the stress of embarking on a translation project out of the process, and you enjoy that peace of mind knowing that your project is in safe hands.

With Wordarch Translations you:

  • Have your content translated // localized exactly as you want so that you can make that impact you intended on your target audience

  • Enjoy a streamlined workflow process by communicating directly with your translator, faster response, less fuss

  • Benefit from a real sense of human connection with your translator, exchange and enhance ideas in utmost confidentiality to discuss how to get the best return of investment

  • Discover key facts about the culture of your Turkish audience based on hands-on experience so that you can tailor your ideas accordingly

  • Reduce translation costs by working directly with the provider in mutual honesty and long term cooperation

  • Know exactly what to expect, no unpleasant surprises, straightforward cost estimation, and timely delivery

  • Get a dedicated and superior service you can always count on by building a long-lasting and reliable business relationship with your translator

  • Work with a translator who sees the bigger picture and feels responsible for the impact of the final translation on your target audience.


Now imagine.

Imagine that feeling of excitement when you publish your new content in Turkish.

Your ideas, empowered, your voice, amplified, your reach extended. You are now addressing a whole new audience, a world of possibilities.

Imagine how your content resonates with your audience.

A person on another part of the world experiences your content in their own language, understands it with ease, gets excited, feels secure and cared for and takes the action that you hope.

We can achieve this.

Are you in?


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Leeds, United Kingdom

I believe in the power of words.

The power of words to create a world full of emotions and ideas. Power of words to reach out, connect and encourage people to take action.

I reflect and celebrate this belief in each and every project I undertake.

That's why I never stop until I find the perfect expression of my client's vision.

And that's how I happen to provide the most accurate translations which enrich the lives of individuals.

Imagine this.

A passionate gamer, on the console.

She had been waiting for this moment ever since the day you announced the launch of your new game. She knows that the game will be in Turkish too.

‘Wow. Really? Hope it is not a crappy localization’ she thinks, both curious and concerned. She does not want to be disappointed.

The light of the screen is shining in her face, that light of excitement every gamer knows perfectly well.

The game begins.

She holds her breath. The moment she begins to read, she is relieved, it is a great localization, and she understands everything with ease.

The game speaks to her in her own language, inviting her into a whole new dimension, the heat of the story beats in her heart, she is now fully immersed in the gaming experience and she does not want it to end.

She spreads the word, she wants to share this experience with everyone she knows, this is contagious, it wants to be multiplied.

I always keep this scene in mind. I feel responsibility. It is my duty to keep them entertained.

I get obsessed with the best possible localization so that they can get the best gaming experience and your brand gets famous.

That’s my mission.

I truly believe in translation.

It is about thinking outside the box. It is a transboundary act.

If your service has universal benefits, if your product is great, if you believe that your ideas worth sharing, then your efforts deserve to be known, you deserve to earn more and those people deserve to have access to it.

Do not limit yourself. Think bigger. Think bolder.

My name is Uygar, a talented and professional Turkish translator, with 8 years of experience and expertise in creative content translation, video game localization and technical translation.

I am here for you.

Wordarch is a gateway. It is an opportunity. It invites the curious, the bold, and the ambitious.

Are you ready?

Step in and let’s see it through.

Proud member of

Game Republic

The largest games industry network in the North of England

Leeds Chambe of Commerce Member
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It is not just mere words what counts. It is what's behind them, what's between the lines... 


It is more about creativity, impact, connection, and passion.  It is your voice, its resonance in the hearts and minds of the people that drives action and results.

I know what matters most is that your audience hear your voice in their own language, and I am here to deliver this effect.

Although I employ different approaches for every specific project, the core of my work remains the same:


A constant effort which ultimately results in crystal clear fluency, complete consistency and a natural sounding tone with flawless quality.


Every word, happy in its place.







Above are just categories. You are unique, what you offer is unique. It is you and your content what really matters.


So tell me about your dreams, what you really want to achieve. Share your passion with me, inspire me.


Then I will do with the words what Michelangelo does with the marble.

And you will get the attention you deserve.


English & German







If you have concerns about anything, need to learn more or just want to talk about translation, get in touch now.



I got to know Uygar as a caring person, an eager person with the strive for continuous personal as well as professional development. A person who cares about the work he is carrying out and as someone who would go more than just one extra mile in order to succeed…

All in all I can say with confidence that Uygar brings all it takes you would want from an employee,  a colleague, and a friend.


Anita Theis

Business Development Manager, EasyTranslate A/S


Uygar approached us directly and offered his services at a time when we were already considering Turkish translation for our project, so he saved us time even before we started our collaboration with him. He offered us plenty of different options and explained each of them in detail so that we were able to make an informed decision from the very start.

He is a pleasure to work with and he is always ready to go the extra mile with genuine care for the quality of the final product. He informed us of every decision he made during the translation progress so that we were always confident in his skills to deliver an outstanding quality of work. He has a good eye for the detail and thanks to his valuable feedback and generous insights, we were even able to fix some minor issues with the original copy. We are more than happy with the final copy and looking forward to working with him again on future projects.

Antonio Rotolo
CEO and Co-Founder @Ludwig


Uygar is reliable, accurate and dilligent professional, who delivers high quality outputs on time. The overall quality of his translation is excellent and exceeds our expectations.

Malgorzata Basak

EasyTranslate Vendor Manager


Uygar has distinguished himself as one of the best translators who work with us by showing superior skills and has proven his talent again and again in hundreds of projects we successfully completed.


As a fast-learner and highly adaptive, all round translator, he always delivers his translations in a timely and professional manner. His highly proficient use of computer-assisted translation tools continuously helps him to add on the volume of translation tasks that he can handle in a single day. When one of our in-house translators informed us that he could not meet the deadline of an urgent and very significant project, Uygar lent us a hand and willingly translated twelve thousand words in just 36 hours, this is a great example of the level of dedication and the intensity of passion he feels for his profession.


He is always ready to go the extra mile to come up with a solution, and he does extensive research to have a complete understanding of the task at hand, ensuring the accuracy and coherence of his translations.

As a video game localization company, we work in a very distinctive and specialized field, moreover, as the in-game mechanics has a complex structure, translators do not always have the opportunity to know the exact context of a given part of the text or there is a character limit most of the time, therefore our tasks require a different approach for almost every single project, yet Uygar has certainly mastered different techniques to tackle these sort of problematic parts with ease through his creative resourcefulness and perfect command of his mother language."

Osman Erkol

Senior Project Manager at 23 Studios


Uygar Kibar proved to be a very successful and competent student during his studies.

He started his career earlier on and he continually developed his skills with his hands-on experience in the translation industry, which gave him an advantage over his peers and granted him an almost extreme self-confidence.


He never hesitated to express his sharp ideas about both the theory and the practice of the translation and interpreting based on his experience and he had always been willing to create his unique style with a more creative approach. Besides his evident passion for his profession, he also has an extensive range of interests which naturally helps him to continuously add on to his already well-rounded knowledge base and enables him to deliver creative and quick solutions to the problematic aspects in the translation process. This resourcefulness is, in my opinion, when combined with an ability to make quick and efficient decisions, and with the perfect command of both the source and the target languages, creates the means to perfect and master the craft of translation and interpretation. And Uygar Kibar, with his ambitious and distinctive character, showed that he has all these traits by consistently maintaining his outstanding performance."

Dr. Alev Tison

Dokuz Eylül University, Department of Translation and Interpreting


Uygar Kibar’s passion about languages and his profession is evident in his success, he gained the right to attend to exclusive simultaneous interpreting classes by passing a test of aptitude with remarkable achievement in both English and German languages.


During his studies, he showed superior skills and distinguished himself among his peers by consistently proving his talent with his high intelligence, diligence and strong character. He was always confident in his skills that he kept sharpening by his experience in the translation industry and he successfully overcame every single hardship with his extraordinary mental endurance in the simultaneous interpreting booth.


Uygar was always responsible, reliable, and ambitious. He enjoys pushing himself ever harder to develop himself both professionally, and personally. He is a voracious reader and a man of high culture. His broad range of interests and knowledgebase provides him with the resources to deliver creative and appropriate solutions to unique problems both in the translation and the interpreting processes."

Asst. Prof. Dr. Dilek Altınkaya Nergis

Ege University, Translation and Interpreting Department


Uygar is a solid translator with exceptional skills, particularly successful in the fields which require a creative approach like marketing translations. He always responds on time and has an extremely cooperative professional attitude. Besides, his proficieny in computer-assisted translation tools makes him very productive, which enables him to easily cope with a change in deadlines which may happen in the translation industry occasionaly on short notice. Uygar has proven his reliability in such an occasion with a very significant project for one of the biggest clients of ours and successfully delivered the files right on time without reducing the quality or accuracy of the translation for the sake of timely delivery."

Galina Dmitrieva

International Project Manager at Saylon Consulting Ltd.


At all times I have found Uygar Kibar to be efficient, reliable, honest, hard-working and creative. One of the most prominent features of him worth mentioning is his strong, trust-evoking character. He is a voracious reader and he has an extensive area of interest ranging from philosophy to technology, which lends him a broad base of knowledge to boost his performance in the translation process.


I can say, without doubt, that Uygar, with his comprehensive knowledge of translation techniques, extensive experience in the industry and his strong personality, has every means to achieve exceptional success in his career."

Müge Işıklar Koçak, Ph.D.

Dokuz Eylül University, Department of Translation and Interpreting


Uygar was always passionate about his profession, as can be seen from his CV, he has started to gain experience in the translation industry at the very beginning of his studies, and this gave him an edge to sharpen his skills as a translator and an opportunity to test his theoretical knowledge in the actual field, as well as an advantage over his peers. I find it significantly important to mention that he was one of the six students who gained the right to attend to simultaneous interpreting classes by passing a test of aptitude with remarkable achievement. He also represented Dokuz Eylul University at the seventh Young Translators Contest held by The Ministry of European Union Affairs by showing exceptional success in legal translations field in 2017. He has great confidence in his skills and has always been able to deliver creative solutions to the problematic aspects of translation through his superior command of English and Turkish languages. His assertive and outstanding character is also worth mentioning."

Assistant Professor Dr. Şeyda Eraslan

Dokuz Eylül University, Department of Translation and Interpreting




Translation is all about communication. So drop a line and let's see what we can achieve together. 

Stay home, save lives.

Still breathing in April 2020.

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