Turkish Indie Game Localisation

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To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

Our Key Strengths

Surpassing all others in Turkish game localisation quality:

  • Remarkably good: positive reviews specifically about the good quality of localisation
  • Player focused: we care about immersion, flow, style, tone, nuance, balance, clarity, depth and accuracy to provide the best possible user experience
  • Passionate & Professional: an effective combination which gives us profound sources of inspiration and motivation to keep localising the best games we love
  • Resourceful and Ambitious: we never settle for average or mediocre. We don't just translate; we adapt, recalibrate, fine-tune, culturalise and iterate to recreate originality

Committed to excellence:

  • Pursuit of mastery: as Wordarch-ers, we always aim high and improve our craft. We don't outsource our work, and we deliberately stay small and nimble as a team to work on select few projects at a time that we are most passionate about.
  • Brand reputation: we are proud of our work and we are building a brand reputation to protect.
  • Wealth of experience: our roots go back to 2012 with many titles under our belt from our freelancing times.
  • Talent: we are no 'Mechanical Turks'. We dedicate our hearts, minds and full attention to make your game delightfully Turkish.

Proven track record, great portfolio, comprehensive service:

  • Client satisfaction: long term & repeated collaboration on many games, Wordarch never lets down
  • Peace of mind: culture savvy know-how, no-nonsense approach, timely delivery, fixed pricing, unique expertise
  • Better alternative: better prices and better results than agencies, without ever compromising on quality.

Turkish Gaming Market Overview

Turkey map red no back_edited.png





Console: 17M
PC:      22M
Mobile:  35M


Industry Revenue in 2020


Highest revenue in the world

Young Playerbase

Players by Age 2020
Age 18 - 24    24,7 %
Age 25 - 34    33,4 %
Age 35 - 44    27,4 %


Of gamers buy games


Low proficiency of English

Position in Europe 34 of 35

Your game will be
a delight in Turkish.

Localisation. Make sense.

1. Give them a great reason to buy your game.

2. Then make it easy for them to truly enjoy it.

3. And make it so good that they talk about it.

This is what we do.

Local PR. Make noise.

Press outreach: We create a Turkish press release, reach out to local journalists and distribute review keys to the right people for you.

Store copy transcreation: We recreate your store copy in Turkish and let the game do the talking for you. We can also localise assets and subtitle your trailers if you choose to do so.