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Turkish Game Localization Portfolio

  • Dungeons and Dragons Neverwinter

  • The Simpsons: Tapped Out

  • Total War Rome II and all DLC's

  • Total War: Atilla

  • Total War: Warhammer and all DLC's

  • Total War: Warhammer 2 and all DLC's

  • Total War: Warhammer | Prince of Altdorf e-Book

  • Total War: Three Kingdoms

  • Angry Birds Mobile Games

  • Battlefield 1*

  • Battlefield V*

  • FIFA 18*

  • SIMS 4 - Cats and Dogs*

  • Titanfall 2*

  • Knack 2*

  • Need for Speed Payback*

  • Overcrowd: A Commute 'Em Up

  • Star Fetchers: Pilot

  • LoveSick: Interactive Stories

  • HammerHelm

  • I AM DEAD [Annapurna Interactive]

  • Move or Die

  • Star Jolt

  • Occupy Mars: Prologue & The Game

  • Little Mouse's Encyclopedia

  • Last Stop [Annapurna Interactive]

  • 12 Minutes [Annapurna Interactive]

  • The Artful Escape [Annapurna Interactive]

  • Lake [Gamious x Whitethorn Games]

Note: The purpose of this list is to give an idea about the localization experience of Wordarch. Some of the projects were done as part of a team or as outsourced work. 

* Projects marked  with (*) were mostly about official marketing and updates.

There are other games which can not be mentioned here. So, please get in touch to learn more.



"Uygar has certainly mastered different techniques to tackle problematic parts of game localization with ease through his creative resourcefulness and perfect command of his mother language."

Osman Erkol

Senior Project Manager at 23 Studios, Turkey

"Uygar understands what is required of a translator in any given task, especially in the field of creative translations such as marketing and video games localization. His high level of confidence and proper attitude towards work are also worth mentioning. 

A natural talent in translation. Punctual and true to his word."

Cenk Kemal Haznacı

Managing Director at Haznac Translation Services Ltd. Canada

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"I got to know Uygar as a caring person, an eager person with the strive for continuous personal as well as professional development. A person who cares about the work he is carrying out and as someone who would go more than just one extra mile in order to succeed.

All in all I can say with confidence that Uygar brings all it takes you would want from an employee,  a colleague, and a friend."

Anita Theis

Business Development Manager, EasyTranslate A/S, Denmark

"Uygar is a solid translator with exceptional skills, particularly successful in the fields which require a creative approach."

Galina Dmitrieva

International Project Manager at Saylon Consulting Ltd. Turkey

"He is a pleasure to work with and he is always ready to go the extra mile with genuine care for the quality of the final product. We definitely recommend his services to anyone interested in the Turkish market."

Antonio Rotolo

CEO and Co-Founder @Ludwig


"You've been incredibly helpful with your work and insight about language support."


Indie Game Developer at Svavelstickan, Sweeden

"Uygar has a wealth of experience in Turkish translation. Timely, friendly and doing great work, because I have had no complaints on the Turkish translation."

Alastair Mcqueen

Indie Game Developer at Square Play Games, United Kingdom

"Uygar is a top-notch specialist in translation with high attention to detail, respect for deadlines, friendly communication. He is really the person to turn to if you need high-quality localization. Strongly recommended!"

Elena Khudenko

Localization Project Coordinator at Swag Masha/My.Games, Belarus

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"We worked closely with Wordarch on the localization and consulted with them on the Turkish market for our title 'Move or Die'. Their work was superb and they delivered great results!"

Christopher Wulf

Publishing Director at Those Awesome Guys, Romania

"Uygar was very professional and easy to work with. Implementation was a breeze and we also got advice on how to handle special characters for Turkish which was appreciated. Would definitely recommend Uygar's services for anyone looking to localize into Turkish!"

Erik Hallgren

Game Developer/UX Designer at Beardybird / Sweeden

"The cooperation with Wordarch Studio was supersmooth, quick, and professional. I can highly recommend it!"

Michal Berlinger
Programmer at Circus Atos, Prague, Czech Republic

"We (SOEDESCO) are very happy with the quality of your work Uygar. You are honest, quick, and reliable and if we need Turkish localization service in the future you are the person we will contact."

Anna Zmurko

Office Manager at SOEDESCO / Netherlands

"Pleasure to work with Uygar, high quality translations and very reliable."

Pim Bouman
Founder & CEO, Gamious, Haarlem, The Netherlands