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Game Publishing Budgeting: Influencer Marketing vs. Localization

If you are thinking about paying people to make them play your game for marketing purposes, maybe you should think again.

Yesterday, I attended to a webinar about working with influencers. The subtitle was ‘why you shouldn’t be paying "influencers".

Key messages:

-"Influencers" are not the same as creators. Work with creators.

-If the budget is low, don't pay any influencer, 'cause it's too risky.

-Discern between the creators and influencers by due diligence.

So, the general advice is the same as always, if you are thinking about buying a service; choose wisely, if your budget is low; try to play safe and if you are confused; take your time to learn how things truly work in business.

It all sounds reasonable as can be expected from a general advice. However when it comes to your particular circumstances and your burning questions, the answer always begins with 'it depends'. And you have to do something, anything to make your game sell, and whatever you do, there is no silver bullet, there is always a risk involved and the clock is ticking.

So, one person asked their own burning question: "How much budget should I leave for influencer marketing?" The answer, as I understood, was this; if your budget is low, lower than 10K, don't pay anyone, if you are gonna pay, pay the right ones and play big, otherwise it will be like a TV commercial that only plays once. To hammer home your message, it needs to be consistent, effective, widespread and frequent.

So what can you do if you have no budget? You can use your most valuable resource, your time, to do the work and find the right creators and share your codes with them and hope for the best. This is the message I got, at least.

Another thing you can do is to think. Why did you want to work with influencers in the first place?

To reach more people, to sell your game.

Have you considered localization?

Because, as the marketing guru says, the trick is to find your 'smallest viable audience' and give them your best. Your game should have a natural player base who loves that particular genre, you can increase this player base only to an extend within one market, with localization, you can reach many different markets and multiply your natural player base.

Localization increases the value of your product while automatically serving as a marketing endeavor. And you can definitely get much better return of investment even with a smaller budget, if you play your cards right. Find the right 'creators', this time, creative localizers.

You can get affordable, quality and effective localization service with professionals who care about you, want to help you and feel responsible for the work they do. You can even ask them if they know any local creators who can live-stream your game.

We tend to stick to what we know. Change is hard. So 'influencing' people into your desired outcome is a long shot indeed.

There is a whole wide world. Do your budgeting right. Think outside the box, step beyond your comfort zone. Reach out to your true audience locally.

It is not you who 'need' localization, it is your audience.

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